Feel a fish slip smoothly through your fingers
See the night sky sparkle unblemished
Taste the tang of a sorrel leaf
Smell the salt and meadows flowers
Hear the plunge of gannet into the sea


Wild coast wanders is a privately guided outdoor education experience for anyone that would benefit from escaping the stresses of modern life and immerse in an environment that will allow for a deeper connection with nature and each other. We are open to hosting any types of group; families, work groups, or friends. We welcome diversity!

We offer 4 nights week and 3 night weekend sessions at our accommodation. Well behaved dogs welcome!*

* We appreciate they are part of the family, although it must be understood that it may make some activities a bit troublesome. We are in an area with wildlife and livestock and dogs must be leashed.


Wild Coast Wanders provides an opportunity for a full digital detox , away from distractions and stresses that clutter modern life; tablets, T.V , internet , phones and the noise of traffic ………

Once separated from the technology that dominates our everyday lives, our beautiful location and slower pace will allow you to focus on the natural beauty we fail to notice and promote bonding with your fellows.


You will have a personal guide Bernie Lundie whose goal is to help you explore the natural wonders of our world through various activities that will engage every sense. Activities will be tailored according to group type and composition so that everyone can connect with nature in the way best for them regardless of age of or background.

The Wild Coast Wanders experience has been  structured in guidance of the latest research on “the three-day effect”. This is the time needed for the brain to be immersed in nature in order to reap the benefits of relaxation and a boost in creativity and problem solving.



The following ranges of activities are available with your expert guide. No matter what your background or age you will benefit in mind and soul from the activities, which will be tailored to you and your group/family’s needs.

NB The timing, duration and nature of the events will be subject to both the weather and tide times.
We aim to be as flexible as possible to allow time for meals, relaxation and engagement with the activities and the wider environment.


This course will engage the senses of taste and smell as we savour unique flavours of the countryside

Bernie has been foraging since knee high and is eager to give an introduction to the bountiful wild larder. Armed with baskets and bags we will gather our harvest in a respectful and sustainable manner. Which edibles are available will depend on the season but with Scotland’s wealth of hedgerows and coastline, there is always a plethora on offer.  Whether it be Spring greens, Summer seaweeds or Autumn berries, Bernie will teach you how to safely identify different wild foods and discuss their traditional use throughout Scottish history.

Recipes will be also be provided at your accommodation to allow families the opportunity to transform your hard earned efforts into delicious, traditional fare!


*Due for safety reasons and to protect the fragile local population, mushrooms will not for a part of this session


Once your eyes and ears are tuned to nature’s rhythms your daily life will be transformed

Dedicating a full day to Kintyre’s remote, boulder strewn and beautiful coastline will present us the opportunity to learn about the local flora and fauna first-hand. It will take us to secluded parts of the shore where we can take advantage of the pristine soundscape and tune our minds to the sounds of nature.  The goal of this activity is not just to watch wildlife but to learn how.  In the company of your experienced guide, you will be assisted in crafting tools of identification and appreciation for the wild inhabitants of earth and sea.

Seals ,peregrine falcon, kestrel, ravens , brown hare and deer are regularly spotted. Golden eagles, bottlenose dolphins, harbour porpoise minke whales and otters have been seen also.

Guests will have two pairs of high quality binoculars to borrow per group , free of charge.


(Gannet Week onlyTo the beachcomber the seashore is like an encyclopaedia to life itself. With keen eyes we will read its pages …..

The trash and treasures of the strandline, both natural and otherwise, are a source of boundless fascination. As we explore, we will identify our discoveries and discuss the varied impacts ocean debris has for ourselves and the wider world.

As well as beachcombing we will take advantage of South ends soft sand which provides a great medium for identifying animal tracks. We will discuss how and why other creatures other than holiday makers visit the beach! If we find prints of suitable quality we will learn how to make plaster of Paris casts, as a memento for you to take away.

Amongst countless other objects mermaid’s purses, seal skulls, sea glass, hurling balls and even a message in a bottle have been found on past sessions.


This classic seaside activity will be transformed into an eye opening session exercising our reflexes and sense of touch

Grappling crabs, netting gobies, by getting hands on with net and bucket we explore a world rich in texture, colour and hidden secrets. All those open to exploring the margin of land and sea will leave with a much deeper sense of this diverse and complex habitat. Along with the thrill of the hunt through the seaweed and rocks, we will talk about the general ecology of the rock pool.  Findings will then be transported into clear tanks for a detailed viewing and Bernie will discuss the individual survival strategies each species employs in this perilous ecosystem.

The handling of all animals will be done with careful consideration and all will be released, unharmed, at the end of the session.


(Gannet Week only)

Camera traps (Remote Automatic Cameras) have revolutionised how we observe animals in their natural environment.   On this course you will learn how, through their use of infrared sensitive camera equipment, scientists employ these devices to delve into the private lives of rare and seldom seen animals. Bernie has a wealth of experience, from sub-Arctic tundra to dense tropical rainforests, with these devices and will teach you how to set up and operate them for the most effective results. The cameras will be arranged to capture film and photographs over the course of your stay, and all findings sent to the group after their trip.

On receiving the results, the anticipation that follows has been likened to “feeling like Christmas day”.  We hope with this enriching experience, you come to share in this sentiment.



“An excellent and enthusiastic naturalist with a great passion for the outdoors and wildlife. Bernard Lundie has worked with us at Skalanes nature and heritage centre in the eastern fjord region of Iceland on several occasions. He worked in research on avian subjects, assisting other students and professionals alike, as well and also informing and guiding visitors around the site. His passion and drive for the natural world is exemplary.”

Ólafur Pétursson

Director of the Skalanes Nature and Heritage Centre



The static caravan that will host your group is hosted in the family friendly Kilmashenachan caravan site. Nestled at the end of Kintyre peninsula, the golden sands of south end are seconds walk. On our horizon is the low- lying island of Sanda. Behind it the unmistakable outline of the famous Ailsa Craig, steep sided and steeped in history. Buzzards and raven soar above while flocks of waders feed on the sandy beach and the blue seas are home to seabirds, seals, whales and dolphins. Due to our open maritme location we are relatively midge free!


Roughly two miles away is the wee village of Southend, with a local pub, village shop and the award winning Muneroy tearoom, The town of Campbeltown is close at hand (10 miles, 20 minute drive) with two supermarkets and anything else you may need.

On the drive down before Campbeltown we can recommend the Bellochantuy farm shop for the best eggs and local produce. (https://www.facebook.com/kintyreeggs/)


Your self-catering board will be in one of our homely static caravans

  • 3 bedrooms (2 rooms with a double bed plus one room with two bunks)
  • Log burning fire(logs supplied)
  • Sea view
  • Duvets supplied (without covers )
  • Kitchen with gas cooker (gas provided) and fridge.
  • Fully stocked with cutlery ,plates and utensils
  • Bathroom with flushing toilet and hot shower
  • Generator for electricity(most prefer not to use it at all )
*The accommodation is provided by Kilmashenachan caravan park and is to be paid separately (see booking).


  • All the food your group will need
  • Duvet covers and bed sheets, pillows and pillow cases.
    (or if you prefer, sleeping bags or blankets)
  • Towels
  • Shampoo etc. (toilet paper is supplied)
  • Whatever else you want! We recommend books and board games.


  • Wellington boots
  • Sturdy shoes for walking
  • Waterproof jackets and trousers
  • Hat/gloves depending on season.
  • Enough clothes to last the trip that you don’t mind getting muddy
  • Sun lotion
  • A willingness to learn!
  • Extra binoculars if you have them



The journey here is an adventure in itself.  If coming from Glasgow(about 3 and a half hours drive ) the drive from Glasgow will take you on the  A82  past  the beautiful Loch Lomond  and the drive down the Kintyre peninsula on the A83 that run parallel to the Atlantic ocean is one of the most scenic drives in the UK. We are roughly ten miles from Campbeltown and 2 miles from Southend village.


West Coast Motors provides regular services from Glasgow to Campbeltown and also from Campbeltown to Southend. Details on timetables and fares can be found at www.westcoastmotors.co.uk

The bus drops you near, but not at our exact location however we are often able to arrange pickups from Southend or come meet you to make sure you find us.

When you have booked and are on your way, we will be able to give you more detailed directions so you get here worry free.



Booking can be done via PayPal or as a BACS (Bank transfer).
Click the ‘Book Now’ links below for 

Wild Coast Wanders will be open in 2018 April until November 1st .
For  2019 bookings contact us.


4 night stay arriving  Monday any time after 2pm leaving Friday before 10am

 Group (2-6) £420

Family deal   £390

Party of one – £300

 * An additional £130 per group is to be paid separately on arrival for accommodation


3 night stay arriving Friday any time after 2pm leaving Monday before 10am

Group (2-6) £320

Family deal   £290

Party of one – £200

*An additional £130 per group is to be paid separately on arrival for accommodation



Taste the wild in our new day course! Departing from Southend Village we will explore the surrounding coast and countryside, in search of natures bounty and learn how to safely identify edible species.   Although aimed primarily at tasting the hedgerow and coastal delights we will take the time to  feel the wind sculpted stones, hear natures sounds and keep an eye out for our local otters. Natures beauty provides more than a postcard view!

£30 per person, children under 16 go free. Approximately 1 ½ hour duration

Prior booking recommended. 

Prior booking recommended. Contact us for more.


For larger parties  (Scout groups etc) the option of
camping is possible, please contact us to find out more.

Click Here for Terms & Conditions
Terms and Conditions
Cancellation, changes and refunds If you need to change the dates of your booking, you must let us know as soon as possible and we will do our best to accommodate you. If you cancel your booking up to 30 days before you will receive a full refund however, if you cancel within 30 days of your arrival regrettably no refund will be possible If for any reason, we need to cancel the booking due to any unforeseen circumstances, a refund of all monies will be made.
In the unlikely event that you have any reason to complain or experience any problems with our service you should contact us as soon as possible and we will do our best to resolve the problem as soon as possible. If you have a complaint for an online booking, it is your right to have access to European Online Dispute Resolution platform,
Our activities have an inherit risk due to the fact you will be outdoors, in remote and /or rough terrain. When out on activities you must take guidance from your guide, who has full liability insurance and is qualified in outdoor first aid
Wild Coast Wanders accepts no liability or obligation for any death, illness or injury or loss of or damage to baggage or personal property caused to or suffered by you in relation to your walk. Any medical condition or medication being taken that may affect your health or ability must be notified to Wild Coast Wanders in advance and in writing and must be accompanied by a doctor’s certificate as to fitness. Guests are therefore strongly recommended to take out personal insurance against cancellation charges and other loss or injury.
Wild Coast Wanders is a separate business to Kilmashenachan Caravan Park,
and does not come under the rights and regulations of a “Package Holiday”

Wild Coast Wanders will be open in 2018 late  spring till November 1st .
Contact us for  2018 bookings.



Primary Telephone: 07379 865649
or Telephone: 07907 526266

Signal can be hard to get out here, but if you phone leave a message we will get back to you.



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